Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jumaine Jones Playing in Russia

Jumaine Jones reportedly got himself into a bit of a pickle a few months ago when he signed to play with two different teams, one from Russia and the other from the Italian League. He was thereafter suspended from playing with any team in Europe until August of 2009.

Jones went with the Russian team and is now playing for Ural Great, a team based in the Russian city of Perm. Perm is a city of right at 1 million people, and is situated just on the European side of the line that separates Europe and Asia.

Jones said after reporting to the team that he was concerned about the cold weather, since he is originally from Florida, but he was sure that he could adjust.

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Anonymous said...

If he had done the right thing(s) a long time ago, he would be playing in the states for an NBA team instead of in another country....what a waste