Thursday, July 24, 2008

Recruiting: More on Thomas Robinson

Hadn't planned on updating the information on Robinson, but since he was featured prominently today on a Rivals article, I decided to post the link.

In the above article, Robinson lists a ton of suitors for his commitment, and he'll have even more, based on his strong play of late. Georgia was named as being in the mix, but as I said yesterday, I would consider it a long shot to secure his commitment. And Robinson said he'd probably wait until the spring to decide. That's a long time to wait on an out of state prospect.

On a side note, if I'm not mistaken, Robinson played on the Riverdale Baptist team that was beaten by North Cobb Christian. I think Dustin Ware went for almost 30 in that game. So as good as Robinson might be, he wasn't the MVP of the NACA, the Christian schools national tournament. Dustin Ware was.

Ware might just be pretty good, and we already have him on campus. Adding Robinson next year would be gravy. I like gravy. If we can get Thomas Robinson, especially if it's sooner rather than later, let's do it.

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