Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lay-ups and Lay-outs

DaugMan's Chronicles needed some work! I know I'm a "homer" and all, and I go on at way too much length, but those are weaknesses that I can live with. I enjoy writing about UGA basketball, and I like talking the progam up, rather than down.

I also end sentences with a preposition.

But I digress. The problem that confronted me this morning as I looked at the blog is that it needed a new layout. Different color. The lime green had to go. I guess that one day I'll go with red and black, given the content, but for now I just wanted to have a different mix. A few notes on the side, some YouTube clips, that sort of thing.

So, I like it a bit more now. If I have any readers, I hope you enjoy it, too. Maybe one day I'll get a guy from Georgia Tech to help me really jazz it up. LOL.

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