Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recruiting: Daniel Miller

As I mentioned in my last recruiting highlights post, Georgia has three scholarships to give in 2009, and between Demario Mayfield, and hopefully, Derrick Favors, two of the scholarships are spoken for.

Torin Walker was the subject of the last review. Walker is big and athletic, though still somewhat flying below the radar. Now I turn my attention to an even bigger sleeper, Daniel Miller. Miller is a 6' 10", 235 lb center at Loganville Christian.

According to, Miller is the #19 ranked center in the class of 2009. has Miller as an unranked prospect.

Georgia recently offered Daniel Miller a scholarship. Now, given Georgia's limited available scholarships, how should that offer be analyzed? Has Georgia spotted a true diamond in the rough? Or is Miller just an unknown quantity, who may or may not be a good Division 1 basketball player? Has Coach Felton just given up on recruiting the more talented players in the 2009 class?

Here are some links that give some of the available background information on Miller.


ESPN had this to say:

#8 Ranking

2. Walton Tribune

The Walton Tribune recently wrote an article on Miller.

AAU and Offers

3. Rivals

Miller said earlier that his top three are Georgia, Georgia Tech and Stanford, but that Stanford has not offered a scholarship.

Note: Since link has expired, I removed it from this post.

4. Another ESPN Article

Wasn't sure what to make about the reference to Miller working on his hands. That's not a good sign for a big man. But then I read the article below.

Southern Invitational Tournament

5. Youth Prepstars Ranking

Youth Prepstars has Miller tabbed as the #11 player in the state, ahead of Torin Walker and Shawn Kemp, two centers that the other services have highly ranked. Miller is even ranked ahead of UGA commit Demario Mayfield.


I will say this, Miller gets top ranking for self-promotion. I don't mean this in a bad way. If you're a sleeper looking to gain exposure and win a high-level scholarship, it makes sense to make use of technology. And Miller has a really nice website, with video, other pictures, and information on his stats over the last year. Miller's website even posts his unofficial transcript.

Miller's Website

7. DaugMan's Take

So, who is Daniel Miller and how do I view him as a recruit?

I think he's an intriguing prospect, great student, has really good form for a big man on his shot, and is 6' 10", 235 lbs, and still growing.

Felton likes big men, and if Favors and Miller sign on, UGA's line-up for 2009 would slot Favors at power forward, while Miller learns the center spot for a year behind Albert Jackson.

If Miller develops anything like Albert Jackson has, then a Miller signing could be a real coup for UGA.

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