Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Keep Your Head Up, Chuck

Okay.  The Georgia Tech game was not Charles Mann's finest effort. He went 1 for 6 from the floor and 2 for 4 from the line.

Even still, Mann had that critical hustle play in the second half, where he split the double team, briefly lost possession, then somehow came up with the ball in the scrum, and from his knees fired a pass to a teammate (Kessler?) for a lay-in.

Mann has to adjust to how the referees are going to call the game.  As he does so, he will get more trips to the line, and his field goal percentage will go up.  As it stands, the hard work that Mann has put in is showing itself.  His form at the free throw line is much better.  He even has more arc on his outside shot.  He now has to trust his skill.  Make a couple of mid-range shots, Chuck, and the drives will become easier.

Keep playing hard.  Looking for a big game from you against Clemson.

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