Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Great Game Against Clemson

Charles Mann scored 18 points on 5 of 8 shooting, and 8 of 8 from the free throw line.  Fantastic game.  He did have the one offensive foul when he should have pulled up for the jumper or gone with the floater, but that's okay.  Aggressive players will have one of those per outing.  Otherwise, Mann handled the ball well and made great decisions.

Yante Maten went 3 for 3 from the field and 2 for 2 from the line.  Just 8 points in 15 minutes.  He had foul trouble going against Clemson's burly front line.

Kenny Gaines was 6 of 10 from the floor.  Was 3 of 6 from deep.  Finished with 17 points.

J.J. Frazier wasn't on.  He was 3 of 9 from the field and just 1 of 3 from the line.  He still had 5 boards and 4 assists with 0 turnovers.

DO got 11 minutes of playing time.  Seemed like more.  Ogbeide is steadily recovering from the shoulder injury. Shot 3 of 6 from the floor.  Mike Edwards had 3 points and 3 blocked shots in 24 minutes.  He'll get better as he learns what to do and gets stronger.

Clemson scored 48 points,  Just 27 percent shooting.  Georgia's defense was good.  Probably not that good.  Clemson is a bad team.  They've beaten Presbyterian, Wofford, and South Carolina Upstate, but not much of anybody else.  Clemson will struggle mightily in the ACC this year. They lack an elite ball handler and a few other pieces.

Still, Clemson is a major university, and the win should be a huge confidence builder for Mark Fox, Charles Mann and Dawg fans.

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