Saturday, October 31, 2015

Not much to say about Georgia Football

Our O-Line isn't that good.  Can't get any kind of push when we need to pick up one yard.  That's a huge disappointment.  What happened to Greg Pyke and Kublanow?  Those guys were supposed to be the real deal.

Our scheme isn't that good.  Pretty much vanilla.  We're not stretching the field vertically or horizontally.

Our qb play isn't that good.  In fact, it's pretty awful.  No offense to Bauta, but I don't think I've ever seen an "oh no!" pass and reaction from a quarterback trying to drive his team for a score.  He now has three interceptions in the Florida game.  You just can't do that.  Make that four interceptions.  Haven't seen anything like this ever out of a Georgia QB.  How many did Quincy Carter have that time?

It's not just Bauta, either.  Lambert had the one great game against South Carolina, and after that, it seems like we're throwing it right at their guys.  The opposition has helped us by dropping a lot of balls that hit them in the chest.

Our runningbacks aren't that good.  That's due to injuries, of course.  Chubb is out.  Michel is gimpy.  Marshall never did come back from his knee injury.  What do we do?

Our receivers other than Macolm Mitchell, aren't getting it done.  Jay Rome has to catch that pass in the end zone.  Sure the quarterback play is awful, but the receivers have to help them.

With Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb, we looked pretty good and had a shot at winning games by just putting a bunch of points on the board, but without Chubb and with the quarterbacks we have, we can't score.

When was our last touchdown again?

I suppose that Bauta is a running quarterback, but he's not a shifty guy.  That's what we need.  Sure, I asked in a previous post to see what Bauta could do.  Now that I've seen, I suppose we go to the next man up.  To continue to play Bauta at this point does not help him nor us.

Finally, our defense ain't that great.  We have held up when the offense can't get it done.  But the fact remains, we aren't tackling guys.  Florida will probably hang 30 on us.  They have 27 now.

Florida was awful last year.  Sure, they beat us, but that was their only "quality" win as I remember.  Now how did they put it all together and win the East in one year?  Meanwhile, we're stuck in the mud.  It's not just that we're losing, we're being totally outplayed.

Eason better come in ready to play.

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