Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dave Bliss to New York Knicks Staff

Dave Bliss is continuing his trek toward a head coaching job.

Bliss recently joined the Knicks after spending several years with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  I'm sure Bliss will spend a lot of time working with New York's big men.

Bliss was a fan favorite at UGA.  Had a slew of back problems, but kept gritting it out.  He, Sundiata Gaines and Terrance Woodbury were huge contributors for the Dawgs hoops squad.  Bliss took the feed from Corey Butler and hit the key bucket to lead the Dawgs to its tornado triumph a number of years back.

Bliss finished his college degree in three years, graduating with honors.  He also completed a degree in real estate during his stint in Athens (2005 to 2008).  Here is some of the background information on Dave from Georgiadogs.com.

Happy for Dave.

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