Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tech Game Does Not Set Up Well for Us

I think that Georgia will come out flat due to the loss of Aaron Murray.  If it were just Murray, we might be able to get over the hump, but it's Murray, and Mitchell and JSW, and Marshall and on and on.  Murray was the one constant throughout the year.  He was able to stay healthy when most of Georgia's other key offensive players went down.

In the meantime, Tech is playing good ball.  Let's not forget that Tech was driving for a score last year when Rambo ripped the ball out and turned the game around.  This year we don't have Rambo and Ogletree and Jarvis Jones.

Tech probably wins today.  I could be wrong, and Mason may turn out to be this decade's version of D.J. Shockley, a guy who waited his turn to showcase his talent.  Shockley led us to the SEC championship, so I hope that Hutson Mason plays well today.

Very nervous.  We've had special teams issues, bad injuries, defensive lapses, and now, no Murray.  Very nervous indeed.

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