Saturday, November 30, 2013

About like I thought

Couldn't bring myself to predict a Georgia loss, but that's exactly what I thought would happen.  I seriously doubted we would play well.

Worse yet, Tech probably blows us out.  Up 20, and we haven't moved the ball.  I haven't looked at the stats, but they must be ugly.  Time of possession, rushing, passing.

Can we turn it around?  Yes.

Will we?  Not likely.

Mason looked rattled several times.  The interception he threw wasn't even close to our guy.  Also didn't like him giving up the ball when he got sacked.  If you throw it away, do it.  Don't toss the ball on the ground in the midst of a sack.  Looks too much like a fumble.

I will say this, that once Paul Johnson gets a qb who can throw the ball, he's sitting in the catbird seat.  Vad Lee has been on the money today.  If the contest is between their system and our skill, and we have a big advantage in skill, we win.  If, however, the contest is between their system and their skill, and our system and their skill, and the skill is anywhere close to even, they win.  The option is just that difficult to defend.  I think Auburn beats Bama today for the same reason.  The score in the Iron Bowl is tied right now, but that's the point.  Auburn is holding their own, and with their system, they might hit on a few explosive plays.

At any rate, Georgia Tech has the better quarterback from what I'm seeing, and Georgia can't win in that scenario.

I predict that the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game will be what Tech fans have been pushing for, and that's a real rivalry again.

Uggh.  Tech beat us in basketball at our place.  Now they are taking it to us in football at theirs.  Tough year.

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