Friday, November 29, 2013

Defense Stepped Up

We're not good enough yet to just run guys out of the gym.  We have to do the little things well.  Georgia picked up the pace defensively which led to better offensive production.  Had me worried there for a bit.

You can only beat the guys you're scheduled to play, so this is a good win for the Dawgs.  We're 2 and 4 on the season, and hopefully will start a little run during the remaining pre-conference portion of the season.

I like the fact that everyone got to play a little bit.  Scoring came from up and down the roster.  Kenny Gaines had a good night, so that's always positive.  He's had a slow start, but he will do some good things this year.  That's why it would have been good for him to play more last year--  to give him some experience so he can be smoother this year when we really need his scoring punch.  He and Charles Mann will have to get it done this season, so both of them have to play with confidence.

Dawgs beat Appalachian State 71 to 53.

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