Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mark Fox, UGA and SEC Media Day

Interesting quote from UGA head coach Mark Fox:

"I think we finally have a level of experience and physicality and a full complement of players," Fox said.  "I'm not worried about our depth and I probably haven't been able to say that the last couple of years.  It's a team I'm excited about."

The interesting thing is that he said almost exactly the same thing at almost exactly the same time last year.  Here's his quote from the 2012 Media Day:

"I like our team," Fox said.  "This is a group that is deeper than a year ago, more physical than a year ago.  It's a team that I think has the right mentality.  So I think we're going to have a team that will be much improved..."

Similar comments to 11-alive

Some of his remarks are just "coach-speak."  Of course Fox is going to say that he expects the team to improve.  But whether he says it or not, fans generally expect improvement.  The problem is that the team arguably didn't get any better at all last year.  Hard for me to see much improvement from the 2011/2012 team that went 15 and 17 and the 2012/2013 one that also went 15 and 17.  We had losing seasons, finished toward the bottom of the SEC, didn't make the NCAA tourney, and followed that with frustrating recruiting results.

I agree that the 2013/14 team is deeper.  But hearing that Fox is optimistic doesn't translate into any higher expectation for me.  I am far from convinced that Fox will use his roster any better than he did last year.  He's the coach, so it's his team.  However, in my opinion, he played guys out of position, gave minutes to the wrong guys, and neither adjusted in-game nor in-season to significantly improve our outcome on the court or on the recruiting trail.

Red and Black recap

I want to win.  I hope Fox can make it happen.

I'm curious about what other fans are thinking.  Do you agree or disagree with the prediction that we will finish this season 11th in the league?

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