Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bobo went vanilla, offense went sour, game went south

Funny, I predicted a Vandy win.  I just couldn't bring myself to post it on the Blog.

Congrats to their guys.  They whipped us at the line of scrimmage.  Their play-calling was better than ours.  More creative.  We looked tentative.  Their defense looked more inspired.

This might be the last go-round for Richt.  Not that he would ever get fired, but does he really want to start next season and break in a new quarterback?  Richt seemed to noticeably limp as he was walking, as if his hip replacement is giving him trouble.

Special teams play was awful.  They mostly kicked it deep in the end zone so we couldn't run it out.  When we had a chance to put the game away, we muffed it.

Their back-up quarterback looked like an all-star and Murray looked pedestrian.  Where were the passes to our tight ends?  Why hit Wooten over the middle?  Why run up the middle play after play?  The zone read only works when the quarterback is a running threat.  Murray will tuck it on occasion, but he's not big enough to absorb much punishment.  We seemed to run that expecting them to get faked out.  We're not Oregon.

I know.  We have no Gurley, and no Marshall.  Have no Bennett, no Scott-Wesley, no Malcolm Mitchell.  Our execution is left wanting when you're relying on Brendan Douglas and J.J. Green back there.  Please Douglas.  Hold on to the football.  Still don't see why Turman can't get a carry or two.

You have to put part of this loss on the refs.  The targeting calls are getting ridiculous.

Apparently Chris Conley may be injured.  I turned it off before the last play.  I'm almost glad I did.  Would have been tough to see another receiver go down.

I was mad at Damian Swann, but he gives it his all.  I just thought his all would be better than it has been.  Let's circle up in Athens, keep our heads on straight.  I'd rather Missouri win the East.  Let's be as competitive as we can be.  We could lose to Tech, folks.  We'd better not.  Let's beat Florida and Tech and call it a season.

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Tony Waller said...

Florida, Auburn and Tech are all toss ups or worse at this point.