Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ten Requests

I know Fox doesn't read my blog, but if he did, I would have some requests of him:

1) If teams press us, then get your ball-handlers out on the floor.

2) Don't make the first pass to the corner. Too easy to double team.

3) Do not let Nemi take the ball out of bounds. The guy who takes it out of bounds is the first recipient of the pass out of a trap. Therefore that guy needs to be able to advance the ball on the dribble.

4) Use Brandon Morris to take the ball out of bounds. Brandon has both the height and the ball-handling ability to play that role.

5) Have a big man in the middle of the floor who can catch a lob pass, then turn and distribute the ball.

6) Since both John Cannon and Donte Williams have good hands, make either one of those guys the man in the middle.

7) Please play John Cannon, Kenny Gaines, Donte Williams and Brandon Morris more. I don't understand why Gaines gets only 5 minutes and John Cannon didn't get any.

8) Work with Charles Mann on his mid-range game. He can use that floater more often, and he would avoid having offensive fouls called against him.

9) Somehow let Tony Parker know that he'd have gotten a lot more than three minutes of playing time tonight if he were at Georgia.

10) Please, please, no more "O My Heart".

That has to be the worst written theme song I have ever heard. We can surely do better.

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