Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guess ESPN Does Not Think Much of Our Chances

to sign Tony Parker.

ESPN recently published a blog article on which college would be the best fit for Parker, and UGA was not even mentioned in the analysis.

The article did state at the very beginning that UGA was a finalist for Parker's recruitment. However, when ESPN writer Jason Jordan followed up and interviewed Paul Giancardi, ESPN national recruitment director, about Tony's possible choices, Giancardi was quoted as talking about Duke, Kansas, UCLA, Ohio State, and Memphis, without saying a word about Georgia.

Not good.

I still think that there's a good chance that Fox will get Parker. Of course having Ohio State in the Final Four gives them a decided advantage, but they cannot start an all-Miller Grove front line like UGA can. They are hundreds of miles away, while UGA is probably just an hour from Tony's house.

I give ESPN props for doing a good story on Parker's recruitment, that being Jason Jordan's "fly on the wall" article located here. I hope that Giancardi, however, has seriously underestimated the recruiting prowess of Coach Fox.

Let's get this done.

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