Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good start for the Dawgs,

but their zone on defense and their rebounding on offense has the game tied at the half.

A terrible stat:  UK had almost as many offensive rebounds (11) as UGA had defensive (12).

That's why I don't like taking Ogbeide out if he has just one foul.  He was 2 of 2 from the floor with 4 rebounds.  We need his toughness.  I understand that he might not be able to stick Derek Willis out on the perimeter, but if we stay in the zone and rotate quickly, Ogbeide would be a match-up problem for them on offense.  

Way too many turnovers.  You expect big men to not be as skilled with the pass or dribble, but Tyree Crump, J.J. Frazier, and Turtle Jackson are out of control going to the basket.

With that said, we're tied at Rupp.  Kudos to Fox for starting the game out in a zone.  Maybe we rebound better in the second half.

I'd love to see a game in which both Yante and J.J. play well.  Yante is 3 of 5 from the floor.  J.J., 3 of 9.  J.J. also has two turnovers.

Go Dawgs!  Pull this one out!

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