Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Had Our Chances

Up 9 points, about to close out the half, and they get a rebound and a stick-back to give them momentum going into the locker room.

We're still up 7 opening up the second half. We get careless with the ball and they close the gap almost immediately.

They mix in a press off of made free throws or pressure Dustin Ware all the way up the floor. We don't set any picks to discourage the tough on-ball pressure and Ware turns it over on an offensive foul. Meanwhile, we play vanilla on defense. No pressure, just let them come down the floor and set up their offense. Their guys have their legs underneath them, then, and are able to knock down shots late in the game.

Parsons misses two free throws with the game going down to the wire. The Dawgs get fouled in the act of shooting and go to the line. Thompkins misses both, and then just a bit later, their big guy gets fouled. With the ugliest release on the planet, he drains both of his attempts.

Can't blame Leslie. He had 20 points for the night. Let the game come to him. Good outing. We need to get more than 3 points from Ware. He needs to have at least one mid-range shot or free throw so that he gets his timing right from long distance.

Tired of getting beat by Florida. Even worse, we really, really, need to close strong, or we'll miss the Big Dance.

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