Friday, February 25, 2011

Could have used him in Gainesville

Sure, he'll need to gain some weight. Sure, he needs to balance his game some. But Kentavious already has the key qualities that have Dawg fans legitimately excited about what he'll bring to the table next year.

He's a big guard. Haven't had a really strong contributor at the two-guard position in forever.

Great shooter. He can ring it up from deep.

Willing defender. Most of the attention is paid to his offensive game, but he is showing pride in playing defense.

Capable ball-handler. He plays some at the point in AAU games. We'll have to see if he really can help bring the ball up the floor against Division 1 defenders, and also whether he can incorporate the creation off the dribble mid-range game. If so, Fox will just about have to start him.

Hops. When he first signed, I was not aware of his athleticism. Much more than I thought. Give him time in strength and conditioning, and Georgia will really have something.

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