Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not Feeling Good about the Game Against Tech

It will be a blow-out either way. They either press us to death and we wilt because they have more depth at guard, or we push them around inside and Trey and JP have field days.

Shumpert can score. We'll have to control him. Brian Oliver can shoot it, and Udofia can get streaky. Jason Morris had a nice outing off the bench last game for them, and Glen Rice goes to the hoop pretty effectively.

My prediction: I just can't bring myself to pick Tech over UGA, even if it is at their place and the home team almost always wins in this series.

I'm saying 75 to 62, UGA over Tech.

Tip-off is in 10 minutes. Go Dawgs!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

3 minutes in and it is clear we STILL HAVE NOT PRACTICED AGAINST A 2-3 ZONE.

And, Daniel Miller is actually defending Trey well. That is simply unacceptable.