Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Congratulations, Dustin Ware!

Huge, huge game. Ware was money with the clock running down, a zone-buster against their 2-3, and clutch at the end of the game.

Ware shot 7 of 9 on three-pointers, he had six assists and no turnovers. He led the team in scoring, tied with Thompkins, that is, with 21 points.

Without Dustin's key contributions we would have lost this game by double digits.

With that said, I'd still like him to go to the hole on occasion to keep teams honest, but if he can shoot them at anywhere near a 77 percent clip, shucks, let him fire away.

It may have been just me but I think Dustin had a lot more balance on his shots tonight. I mentioned in a previous post after his poor shooting effort in the tournament that I thought Ware was pointing his feet inward instead of squaring them up to the basket.

The one that he missed late in the 4th quarter seemed to be due to him having tired legs. However, with the clock winding down and Gerald Robinson penetrating toward the basket, Dustin had just enough space to gather himself and launch the game-winner.

Huge game for Ware and I couldn't be happier for him.

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