Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Going to be Hard to Get

this guy on the court next year. Hard enough to keep this cornerback signee out of the qb rotation.

If basketball started first during the year, then obviously he would suit up for Mark Fox. But since football practice takes place during the summer, then all the games in the fall, and probably a bowl game at the beginning of winter, there's little time left for basketball season.

Besides the time barrier, there are other hurdles looming. Would he emerge from the rigors of football injury-free? Can he adjust to college life and find time for two-a-days, washing clothes, study hall, social life, etc., and still have the fire in the belly to play hoops? Even if he does want to put on sneaks after he takes off his cleats, how long would it take him to get his basketball feet underneath him-- get accustomed to playing hoops again, learn the Mark Fox way and gel with his teammates?

If any football player had decided to play hoops during the Mark Fox era I would have thought it would have been Marlon Brown. He signed on as a freshman with the understanding that he considered himself a two-sport athlete. As the football season continued last year, it turned out that he wasn't getting a whole lot of playing time on the gridiron, and it stood to reason that he might like to get up and down the court. Yet, basketball speaking, there has been no play for Mr. Brown.

As much as I'd like to see Nick Marshall play hoops, and as good a basketball player as he is, I would say that the chances of seeing him in Stegeman in anything other than street clothes are slim to none.

Give yourself a challenge. When's the last time Georgia or any other college basketball team had a legitimate contributor (say, 5 points or more per game) from their football squad?

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Philip said...

julius peppers, reggie love, for unc and duke respectively. happens fairly frequently