Monday, November 22, 2010

Alabama loses to St. Peter's

I don't remember ever having heard of St. Peters before. Sounds like a junior high where all the kids wear uniforms. In a Rubix Cube solving contest, Bama would not have stood a chance.

But there they were. St. Peters, winners in basketball over the University of Alabama by a score of 50 to 49.

Bear in mind that St. Peters is the same team that scored a total of 30 points in an earlier match-up against Robert Morris.

In the Alabama contest, a guy for St. Pete by the name of Blaise Ffrench made a key bucket. Did Buffy and Jody score, too? A player named Yvon hit two three-pointers. I mean it's bad when a team uses their cheerleaders against you.

Their mascot is the Peacocks. The St. Peters Peacocks. There's something that's just wrong about that name. But I digress. I'm sure they are very proud about the win.

It could have happened to us, so I'm not gloating. Besides, teams better get Bama this year, because with the freshman class Grant is bringing in, they will be significantly better next year. Even still, Crimson Tide fans are not going to be happy about losing to the 1 and 3 St. Peters team.

At any rate, even though I had some fun at their expense, it's a great win for St. Peters. Congratulations to them.

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