Friday, October 8, 2010

Not Drinking the Kool-Aid

I know there are scenarios in which the Dawgs could win the SEC East. No one claims that Georgia will actually do it, but rather that they could.

Well, there's absolutely no way that Georgia can claim the East if they lose tomorrow. In fact, a loss to Tennessee would be like a Saturday morning cartoon in which one of the characters builds this incredible machine, only to accidentally hit the red self-destruct button.

We'll still play football, folks, win or lose, but a 1 and 5 start would be as close to total program collapse as any of us have ever seen.

Will Georgia in fact beat Tennessee? Some say, "Sure. We just have to win, UT's roster was decimated by their coaching changes, and the Dawgs will come out on top." Of course, a lot of us expected UGA to beat Colorado, too. That, too, was a must-win game.

Well, I let my heart lead me to predict a win over Colorado, when my head was saying loss. This week, I'm not drinking my own Kool-Aid.

And, sad to say it, I hereby predict another loss for the Dawgs. I feel free to make my prediction here, since I doubt that there are any football players who read the Blog. If I'm incorrect and there are Dawgs from the gridiron reading my words, let my prediction be a source of anger so that you can go out there and take it out on the Volunteers.

So, with that said, I feel that UT has had our number. The Dooleys emerge happy and victorious, 30 to 14.

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