Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mark Fox Previews the Dawgs

Appreciated the video. Good to have information about the team.

Ten thoughts and impressions:

1. Expectations are high.

Fox and the team are embracing them.

2. Gerald Robinson will be fun to watch

It seems that every chance Fox gets, he says something good about Robinson.

3. The Stegeman Coliseum will be much improved.

I don't need fancy glass, just make sure the bathrooms are fixed.

4. There's competition for playing time.

Wish we had more height on the perimeter, but I feel comfortable that we've got guys who can bring the ball up the floor. Great to have options for post players. With Thompkins, Price, Barnes, Williams and Thornton, we should be able to take advantage of the smaller teams.

5. Fox will start and play the guys that are working the hardest.

6. The team is healthy as practice starts.

I keep waiting for a key injury to occur. Somebody to jump up and come down on a teammate's foot. Always seems to happen to derail the program's potential. So far, so good, though. No hits, no runs, no errors.

7. The SEC East will be tough

No one is talking about South Carolina. Could be a mistake. They're no "gimme."

There is so much parity in the Division that all predictions are suspect. For example, if Enes Kanter is not eligible, Kentucky will be height-challenged. They have enough athletes to play everybody tough, but a team with a talented front-line like Florida or Mississippi State might blow them out.

8. Fox will employ a lot more man-to-man on the defensive side

I like man-to-man if UGA turns out to be a really good defensive team. Otherwise, it's smart to use zone defenses to keep the other teams off-balance. Hopefully, Fox will not rigidly adhere to a particular defense, but mix and match depending on the situation.

9. Repeat the question

It seemed that Mark Fox was having trouble hearing the questions. For the sake of the video, he either should repeat the question after it is asked, or even better, have an assistant pass the mike to each reporter so that he can hear clearly and that the video's volume will be more consistent (the questions will have the same volume as the responses from Coach Fox).

10. Don't repeat the question

Our reporters need to ask more creative, more focused questions. By doing so, fans will get better insight into the team's progress and Coach Fox will be forced to abandon some of the cliches.


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