Saturday, October 16, 2010

Georgia beats Vandy

It's homecoming. It's Georgia vs. Vandy. It should be another Georgia win.

And so it shall be.

In order for the Dawgs to win this thing, we'll have to be stout at the point of attack.

If I'm Vandy, I keep the ball on the ground, chew up the clock and try to win ugly. 16 to 14. Make Grantham try to adjust and then adjust to his adjustments. Get the UGA defensive line demoralized. Keep A.J. and Murray off the field, and dink and dunk with the passing game. Take a shot with a vertical strike if Georgia turns the ball over.

It will be a test for Dobbs and Geathers and Tyson and crew. However, if we take care of business up front Georgia should win handily. Maybe even give the back-ups some time in the 4th quarter.

My prediction is that Georgia will score 36 points. I'm thinking that the margin of victory will be the Dawgs by 12. Final score: 36 to 24.

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