Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jacobs Decides

Okay. I'm not optimistic about this one. As I wrote before, Georgia is still in it, and there are loads of reasons why Jacobs should choose Georgia.

1) Home School

I'm a homer, but why wear the colors of some other state's school when you can represent your own?

2) Cousin Effect

I've written before about David Jacobs, former starting defensive lineman for the Dawgs, who is Nick's cousin. UGA took care of David, which would mean a lot to me if I were advising Nick.

3) Playing Time

Jeremy Price and Chris Barnes graduate. HTIII is likely gone after this year. Marcus Thornton will be at the 3 position. Dixon and Florveus, commitments for 2011, are more center prospects than guys who will earn minutes at the 4. While Georgia does have Donte Williams, you have to figure that with the lean frame that Williams has, Jacobs would have the playing time advantage. They call the position "power forward" for a reason. I look to see Williams move toward backing up Thornton at the 3 spot.

4) Academics

Georgia is doing ground-breaking work (literally and figuratively) in the medical field. Hopefully, Jacobs has kept abreast of the news on this front.

My guess? I suppose it's still Clemson. UGA would have had to make up a lot of ground in the last week or so, and although I think he would have compelling reasons for picking us, we probably were not able to close the gap in the recruiting race.

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