Thursday, October 28, 2010

Georgia Picked to Finish Fifth in the SEC East

Well, there are a couple of compliments thrown Georgia's way in the attached Rivals article (Team on the Rise and all that), but the writer still predicts that Georgia will finish the year near the bottom of the SEC East.

What say you? How will Georgia do in the Division?

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Anonymous said...

5th in East may still be a top 20 team and a 8-9 seed in the NCAA tourney.

I read the write-up on UF and don't understand the love for them, unless their Freshmen are incredible. Their frontcourt was named "best" in the write-up by elimination. Those are 3 marginally talented guys who I watched get blown away in Athens. None can create their own shot, and they are limited defensively.

If Kanter is good-to-go, UK is the best in the East.

UGA could finish anywhere from 2nd to 5th. If Robinson is what we all think he might be and Thornton is as good as he looks on youtube, this could be a really, really special season.

Who does UF go to with the game on the line? UT? UK? Vandy? I know who will have the ball for us, and I like his chances to make the shot.