Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"I'll Tell You Who I Love-- Georgia"

I'll say it again. Calipari gives great interviews.

He sounded like Vince Dooley at the beginning, the way he was talking down his team. Of interest to me is that in every interview that I've seen recently, Calipari has something positive to say about the Dawgs.

Man, I hope we can live up to it.

ESPN's coverage of SEC Media Day has the Calipari video, a rather dull interview with Jeff Taylor of Vanderbilt, and the article on Trey Thompkins.

ESPN, Calipari, and SEC Hoops


Anonymous said...

Cannot believe you have not put anything up about Jelan Kendrick getting suspended at Memphis. We may have dodged a bullet with that kid.

DaugMan said...

I saw the recent stories about Kendrick.

I'm still catching up after being away from the Blog for a few days due to work responsibilities.

As for Kendrick's situation at Memphis, I'll probably wait until there's more information out on just what is going on before I decide whether to write about it.

I will say this, not every highly ranked kid is a good recruit.