Friday, May 28, 2010

Julian Royal has Dawgs in Top Three

Recruiting is a strange beast. Looked like UGA was going to sign a respectable, but not spectacular class for 2010, and then Clemson coach Oliver Purnell decided to bolt for greener pastures.

All of the sudden, Marcus Thornton, Clemson's prized recruit, was back on the market. The Dawgs got busy and reeled Thornton in. Great job for Coach Fox.

In very big news, it looks like Thornton's signing has created a boost of good will for the Dawgs. Julian Royal has Georgia in his top three. His highly ranked teammate, Dai-Jon Parker is taking a hard look at UGA.

Could it be? Georgia might start to get the best players from the state, and actually wrap up early commitments.

Sure, I know recruiting is fickle. But just because women are hard to figure out, doesn't mean that we stop liking 'em. Let's enjoy the emotion, the thrill, the hormone high.

I'm excited, how 'bout you?

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Kevin said...

Good stuff. We are definitely going to need to re-load after next year as Trey and Travis will both most likely be heading for the NBA.