Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feel Bad for Jeremy Jacob

I have no clue on what Oregon is going to do for its head-coaching vacancy. Will they end up with someone good?

All the turmoil can't be good for Jeremy Jacob. As fans likely remember, Jacob left Georgia and played in Florida for a year. He then went to Oregon and battled his way into the starting line-up. However, Oregon under-performed in an under-performing PAC-10.

Oregon then made the difficult decision to make a coaching change. In the meanwhile, Jacob is stuck. If he transfers again, he would need to sit out another year. That's not a real option.

Next year will be Jacob's junior year, I think. Is Oregon likely to get any recruits that can make a difference in their win-loss record for next year? I doubt it. The more likely scenario is that Oregon will struggle again as they adjust to a new coach.

Jacob always impressed me as a humble student athlete. Has some real potential, but he needs the right system to show it, since he's a somewhat under-sized power forward.

Will Oregon be the best place for him to end his career? Not likely, but he'll have to make the best of it.

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mr. sanchez said...

he redshirted here after a foot injury, so you are correct in thinking he'll be a junior