Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not Surprised, Not Disappointed

I don't have high expectations for the hoops Dawgs on the road. Getting a win against #20 Tennessee with most of their key players back in the line-up was a tall order for the Dawgs.

Not being surprised does not mean that I liked what I saw from the team. UT pretty much outplayed us at every position.

Of particular concern was the fact that Tennessee doubled our output at the normal scoring positions. UT's shooting guard and small forward combined for 25 points and 13 rebounds. UGA's had 13 and 6. Even worse, their two point guards had 18 points, and ours had 2. We're not going to win with that kind of production.

Trey Thompkins played a good game, scoring 25 points with 10 rebounds. I thought Thompkins would score 40, but Coach Fox pulled him out of the game-- I thought at an inopportune time. I always like riding the hot hand, so I probably would have kept Thompkins in. I know that Thompkins played 35 minutes and Fox has to be careful not to wear out his star player. My point is more about timing. After sitting on the bench for a spell, Thompkins came back in. He was rested, but the magic was gone. He didn't score for the remainder of the game.

I also do not like line-ups with no shooters. Georgia had a decent lead, but when we went to our second unit, the wheels fell off. I'd rather keep at least one scoring threat on the floor at all times. We're not deep enough to do otherwise.

We're 11 and 13 on the year, 3 and 8 in the SEC. Let's learn from last night's game and get ready to play Alabama on Saturday.

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