Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mike Mercer's Second Chance

He sounds grateful, as well he should. Heath took a big chance on Mercer and it has worked out for both USF and Mercer, as the article states.


Still wonder how Georgia basketball would have turned out if Mercer had been able to stay focused while he was in Athens.

At any rate, perhaps Mercer can use his criminal justice degree to help others who would legitimately benefit from a second or third chance.


Anonymous said...

I find this comment hilarious:

"I can honestly say the Big East is the tougher conference," Mercer said. "It's more up-tempo. Players are more athletic. More teams, better teams, and every night is a constant battle. In the SEC, sometimes we had nights where we would take teams lightly because of who we were playing. You can't do that in the Big East."

Not regarding the Big East being the better conference, but about Georgia taking ANYONE lightly. We haven't had the talent to do that in any game, much less a conference game, since Harrick's last year.

As you can see by these career stats -

Mercer is still a consistently horrible perimeter shooter and is not much better at the FT line. I feel bad for him that he's had two knee injuries, but he was never nearly as good as his billing coming out of high school. If it weren't for Dominique Jones, USF would probably go winless in the Big East.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.