Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ugly Game

But I'll take it.

Georgia was very lucky to win that game. Rainy weather. Sloppy play.

Georgia had two critical interceptions, including a pick 6. Joe Cox was not on his game. He made a couple of throws when he had to, but after last week, I was expecting a much better performance.

Caleb King fumbled deep in our own territory. Don't know who else we have at tailback who knows the plays and will hang onto the ball.

By and large, the running game looked very lethargic. Anyone know why our offensive line isn't moving people off the ball? We got stuffed on some short yardage situations that our O-line should win.

Can't blame the Dawgs' poor performance on Martinez. The defense was given poor field position yet again, and the Dawgs manned up. Martinez was helped by the rainy weather, since Arizona State dropped some passes. Seems like Justin Houston is getting back in game shape.

If we're going to blitz, we'd better get somewhere with it. Seems like we're telegraphing too much. There's something to be said for getting in the quarterback's head by showing blitz, but you want to confuse the offense, too. Show blitz and back off. Surprise the qb by bringing someone off the corner.

A.J. Green saves us. Blocked kick, clutch catches. Touchdown reception. Should have been credited for two t.d.'s.

This is the kind of game that good teams have to get through. Play poorly, overcome the elements, and somehow find a way to win.

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