Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did We Red-Shirt the Wrong Guy?

I wondered more than once over the last few years whether Mark Richt made the right decision. Richt said in essence that he had made a mistake by red-shirting Knowshon Moreno.

The bigger question is whether Mark Richt made a similar mistake in red-shirting Joe Cox, and making him the second-string qb instead of Matthew Stafford.

When Cox came in to save Georgia's bacon against Colorado, I remember thinking what a great touch he had throwing the pass over the middle. No doubt, Stafford gave us some great moments, but in retrospect, Cox might be the more talented quarterback.

I know it's early yet, and Cox has had just two really good games, but I'm curious about everyone else's opinion. What do you think?

Not sure Stafford's ego could have taken being second-string, but that's another question.

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Ollllddude said...

You and I may be the only ones, but I have thought the same thing myself. I do understand that MS had physical gifts that are superior to, well, almost anyone. But at the same time he had a way of stubbornly forcing balls that ended up being picks, and overthrowing some folks and - I know this makes me sound like a girl - throwing some balls too hard. Maybe the receivers should have caught the balls thrown their way, but all too often they didn't. I am glad Matt played for UGA, but I wish he and Cox could have been staggered just a little more. It is also entirely possible that Cox has had ample opportunity to see mistakes being made live and has learned from them. Without that learning curve he might not be doing that well now.