Sunday, August 23, 2009

OSU and the Long Ball

I'm no prophet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see OSU use its first play from scrimmage to run an option look, faking the run before stepping back to fire a deep passing play to Dez Bryant.

OSU could thereby take advantage of Georgia being sluggish after traveling across the country. And since we have had some safeties injured, the players charged with covering the deep ball could be rusty. Maybe our players might be too aggressive and be tricked by a "hitch and go" or similar play.

Bryant is a big receiver (6' 2" and 215 lbs) who can go up and get the ball. He averages 17 yards a catch, and you know that the OSU coaching staff would love to put up a big play, demoralize the Dawgs, and quickly put UGA in a deficit position.

Martinez will have to coach a very good game for UGA to escape Stillwater with the "W".

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