Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fresh Faces, Fresh Options

Richt says he is going to play all of his skill guys. The freshmen are going to see the field.

That's good news to me. If the guys are ready, let them play. But the bigger issue, more than the total number of guys that play, is the schemes we use with the 11 on the field.

Our offense needs a makeover.

The pro-style offense is good when it works, but stopping Georgia should never be about keying in on one runningback. That was Florida's focus last year on defense. By shadowing Moreno, they for the most part made us one dimensional and shut us down.

Now that we have strength on the offensive line, let's put in new packages. I want to see skill guys going in motion, confusing the defense, stretching the field horizontally and vertically. Let's insert Washaun Ealey at tailback, and let Caleb King take the snap. Go with 5 wideouts. Run the option with Logan Gray, Richard Samuel being the dive-guy, and Carlton Thomas taking the pitch.

With fresh faces, come fresh options for Coach Richt and staff.

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Bernie said...

Very intriguing...especially that last one. I don't know that Bobo has a wild hair in him though. That being said, I doubt CMR ever, EVER redshirts a player with just a fraction of the talent Knowshon had.

In essence, there are no more inflatable swimmies in the Dawg pool bag.