Friday, June 12, 2009

Royalty over Loyalty

Calipari has made his decision on who goes and who stays. Galloway and Pilgrim are out.

Pilgrim's father had a rather stoic response. He says that he understands that it's all about business. But college athletics should never be just about business. Otherwise, let's get rid of the pretense, shut down the NCAA, and let the NBA run college basketball.

I think the NCAA will step in soon, stop letting teams accept scholarship commitments substantially beyond the number of open slots that the team has. That decision was passed for football, so it's probably just a matter of time for basketball.


Mr. Sanchez said...

If we can, I want him. We could use some help up front, especially if Pilgrim has enough quickness and perimeter game to play a little 3 (as here says he can... ), and you know he'd play out of his mind at least twice next year.

DaugMan said...

Sounds like a plan.

I haven't read the link you posted, but I am going there in just a minute.

We have 1 scholarship used up for Vincent Williams. We have another to give. If not a high-scoring shooting guard, then someone like Pilgrim would be a great pick-up.

Would he have to sit out again? He sat out last year after he transferred from Howard.