Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coach Fox Working on Noel Johnson

I think it's worth the effort.

However, if I were a betting man, I would call Johnson for Tech.

The one caveat would be if Johnson wants immediate playing time. He'd be a feature at some schools. It will be hard to feature anyone other than Derrick Favors for Tech's season this coming year.

Others are thinking LSU will win the competition for Johnson's commitment. If you had a dollar, which school would you put your money on?


Mr. Sanchez said...

LSU, has the need for playing time, can let him play some point and sf too. I thought UConn, but they aren't mentioned (although they were in a premium article this week).

The thing with Georgia Tech is space. If Gani Lawal comes back, they don't have room. And unlike some coaches, Hewitt isn't gonna kick a kid off the bottom end of his roster to make room. GT also has Iman Shumpert, Deandre Bell, Brian Oliver, Lance Storrs, and Glen Rice Jr, so playing time would be much harder to come by on Techwood than most anywhere else Johnson is looking at.

DaugMan said...

Thanks again for commenting.

LSU would be attractive to Johnson,since they have had some recent success in putting guys in the pro's, and that's firmly where Johnson has his sights set.

I don't see Johnson as an SEC point guard. Maybe I haven't watched him enough, but it figures that he would want to put up more shots than a point guard would normally get.

Gani Lawal has pro potential. He needs to put it all together, learn to shoot free throws, work on his moves against bigger players.

He does not have as much pro potential as Favors, who is ready today. So the catch for Lawal is whether he comes back for the experience of playing on a really good team, when by doing so, he may get overshadowed by the new kid on the blocks.

So, is your best guess, then, LSU?

Mr. Sanchez said...

yeah, LSU. And I didn't say he'd be effective at PG, just that he wants time there (or at least his father has been quoted as wanting Noel to get time there).