Monday, June 1, 2009

Noel Johnson to UNLV?

The safe bet would be to wager that Georgia Tech will be the winner of the Noel Johnson sweepstakes.

At any rate, Johnson is considering his options. UNLV is in the picture, as is Wichita State. LSU is making a run at him.

Haven't heard whether Georgia has contacted Johnson. I would assume so, but you have to figure that he would have mentioned UGA if he were seriously considering coming to Athens.

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Mr. Sanchez said...

UNLV redshirted 5 guys last year n transfer/injury, and has 3 already incoming. Add the other returning players, and I'm not sure if they, Wichita, or Charlotte have room for him. Until said otherwise, I'm expecting him to head to Baton Rouge.

And according to Andy Katz, Georgia has tried to get in the mix.