Sunday, May 31, 2009

UGA to kick off season with UNO and Billy Humphrey

UGA basketball will begin the 2009-2010 season with a game against the University of New Orleans. The game will also be the first of the year for New Orleans and its new player, Billy Humphrey.

I wonder how Humphrey is doing. I hope he has really taken advantage of his new environment, gotten his issues straightened out, and recovered from his knee problems.

New Orleans should be a good contest for the Dawgs. If the coach at New Orleans has taught Humphrey how to take a defender off the dribble, it could be a long night for UGA. Unless Mayfield and Anyaorah surprise at the shooting guard position, Georgia will be weak on the perimeter this year. Hopefully, Georgia will have an advantage in the post, and be able to exploit it.

I wrote some time ago about the situation at the University of New Orleans. They have had a hard time recovering from Hurricane Katrina, and the damage was significant to their basketball arena. The article above references the fact that the athletic department is in real financial trouble.

Should be an interesting way to start the Mark Fox era for UGA basketball.

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