Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mark Fox on "One and Done"

Fox prefers a system that would allow high school players, if they're good enough, to go directly to the pro's. If a player goes to college, however, they would have to stay at least 3 years before they're eligible for the NBA draft.

I thought that Randolph Morris did well in providing a player's perspective.

Morris is an interesting case in point. Morris was well-known in high school, went to Kentucky, and from there, to the pro's. However, how many minutes has he played since then? If he had gone directly to the pro's, would he still be in the NBA? As it stands, he has bounced around a little bit and earned a nice NBA check. He just as easily could have been bounced out of the league, and ended up competing for a job without a degree.

My take is that players should be able to go directly to the NBA. It's America.

I do have concerns for guys that end up without a degree and without a fall-back plan. The one-and-done rule doesn't help those guys, because they go to school for a semester, play ball and then declare for the draft.

At some point, you have to let adults make what could be bad decisions.


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