Thursday, July 2, 2009

Damontre Harris

I understand that Harris recently visited UGA and was offered a scholarship by Coach Fox.

Seems that Damontre Harris is a bit of a late bloomer. He played well at the NBPA Camp, where he was mentored by none other than UGA grad, Jarvis Hayes.

Harris has picked up a few offers, including Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina, and Boston College, according to

Harris averaged 5 points, 12 rebounds and 5 blocked shots last year playing for Trinity Christian. My concern is that if Harris manages just two baskets a game against what might be considered not the highest level of competition, he may end up overmatched in the SEC.

Although my personal preference is that Georgia go after center prospects who overpower guys to rebound and dunk the ball, if Harris is good enough for Jarvis, he's good enough for me.

It will be tough for Coach Fox to manage the scholarships he has available. The only graduate after next season will be Albert Jackson. Georgia desperately needs a shooter, so we'll have to see how the Harris offer and the associated scholarship numbers turn out.


Mr. Sanchez said...

If we don't add anyone else over the summer, we'll have 2 unused schollys going into next year (I'd assume a walk on like McPhee and maybe Bucklin or Nolte get the help for a year), giving us 3 open spots. Depending on defections (Trey to the NBA?) maybe more. We could use a solid SG/SF that can create offensively and knock down deep balls, but we could also use big men, lots of big men. Defensive, offensive, wide bodied, athletic, we just need help in the post, no need to be specific. Harris can help from the reports on him (sounds kind of like a slender Chris Barnes), and then we can go after another to pair with him.

DaugMan said...

Thanks for the analysis on the scholarship numbers.

I hope that Thompkins gets some pro looks because that will mean that he played very well. If he does, that means that Georgia will win some games that it shouldn't have, based on his production.

I posted this morning ESPN's take on Harris. What do you think?