Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the Future

Gani Lawal decides to return to Georgia Tech to play for the 2009/2010 season.

His decision will make Tech a real powerhouse next year. You have to figure that Favors will start at center. Lawal would then hold down the power forward spot. I like Mfon Udofia as the starting point guard, which would give Coach Hewitt lots of options for the small forward and shooting guard slots.

Lawal's return also means that Tech is full for scholarship players, I think. This makes it less likely that Noel Johnson will end up at Tech, and more likely that he will end up some place like LSU.

Life is good for Tech basketball. Not so good at Georgia. But if Fox can prove to be a good offensive coach, the team has enough players left over from last year to compete.


Bop said...

From a talent level, I agree that life is good for tech. They do still have Hewitt as their coach though. So expect them to drastically underachieve which is the CPH m.o.

DaugMan said...

With Favors, I don't think Hewitt can mess this one up. He's that good.

Tech could actually win the ACC this year, since North Carolina lost so much talent.