Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Draft Dodgers

Point taken. Georgia is predicted to finish at the bottom of the SEC East again. Sure, it's an article from The State.com, but it's hard to argue with their analysis.

It's mid-June and the decisions are in. Unlike past years, the SEC didn't have a lot of guys go early to the pro's. Instead, the conference had a bunch of "draft dodgers." That's the State.com's term for guys who wanted to test their draft stock without hiring an agent, thus leaving open the option of returning to school.

In the end, players like Patrick Patterson at UK, Tasmin Mitchell at LSU, Tyler Smith at Tennessee, and Devan Downey at South Carolina-- dipped their proverbial big toe in the NBA waters, and decided that they would rather have fun for another year in the shallow section of collegiate basketball.

The bottom line is that several SEC teams have kept their rosters roughly intact, while adding in some marquee recruits. Result?

The SEC will be back in big way for the 2009/2010 basketball season.

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