Sunday, May 24, 2009

Noel Johnson Gains Release?

That's exactly what has taken place, if you believe the information circulating on the Net.

With all of the O.J. Mayo investigating going on at Southern Cal., I would bet that Noel Johnson and family did in fact ask for a release. As others on the link have speculated, if USC granted the release, that may mean that the athletic director sees the handwriting on the wall with regard to the Tim Floyd era. Floyd may be on his way out, and sanctions from the NCAA could be on their way in.

Hard to say what any of this could mean for UGA recruiting. Doesn't sound like UGA is what Johnson has in mind, since Georgia was not mentioned in the list of schools that Johnson favors.

Any coaching staff would have to look very hard at the circumstances. It may not be fair, but Johnson will be painted with the same brush as O.J. Mayo. Does a new coach want the press attention that Noel Johnson would bring? Would the NCAA assume that if a former USC recruit ends up at a new school, that the new school paid to get Johnson's commitment?

With all of the above said, Johnson is an elite recruit. He is a big scorer, and Georgia needs a two-guard/small forward that can shoot. We have a scholarship open.

Could it work? What's your take?


Mr. Sanchez said...

Hard to say Daugman. Doubt those are truly his options, as if I recall correctly Tech passed on him in the fall, and doubt they'd have changed their mind. It'll be interesting to see where he ends up, I'll guess Memphis.

DaugMan said...

Good point. Memphis could work if he wants to go there. They would have at least one slot open, and they have been willing to sign some guys without caring about the various public relations angles.

Tech doesn't have any more scholarships, so I doubt that he ends up in Atlanta.

Thanks for your comment.