Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NCAA Alleges Serious Infractions by Calipari-coached Memphis Squad

This could get ugly. If the NCAA digs around at Memphis and diligently examines the program, there could be trouble.

University of Kentucky fans need to be aware of this situation.

A player with multitudes of handlers end up wanting one of their guys to be with them. Did Memphis just go along with the idea? If the handler did indeed ride on the team plane, how did Calipari not know? If he stayed in the team hotel, how could the guy be missed? Who authorized the travel? Who cut the check? Or was it cash?

If there was knowing fraud on the SAT, what happened? Who was behind the alleged fraud? How many players received a little extra help?

I'm not saying the allegations are all true, but something happened at Memphis, and it doesn't sound good at all. And if Memphis was informed of the violations in January and Calipari was hired by Kentucky in March, was does this mean for UK?

Any thoughts?

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Mr. Sanchez said...

If the timeline is as said at the end, then it's no shock Cal left for UK. What is surprising is why he drug that process out as long as he did. He'll leave Kentucky under the bad light too, unfortunately it'll likely hit AFTER his time there. Josh Pastner deserves better than Calipari's mess.