Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fox Comments on Zlovaric

I posted before a recap of the recent Q&A session between Coach Fox and the media, so most of the information in the Athens Banner Herald news piece is not new. However, I thought I should add the attached article due to the information on Coach Fox and his opinion on Drazen Zlovaric.

Zlovaric is impressive. He can shoot the ball and put it on the floor. And he is a big time leaper for a 6' 9" guy. The issue is where to play him. Can he guard an athletic two-player? Keep a slashing small forward out of the paint?

If Zlovaric moves his feet well on defense, I think Fox will give him a shot at a good number of minutes this coming year. Zlovaric will have his chance, especially since the graduation of Terrance Woodbury leaves the starting small forward slot open.

A pleasant surprise that Drazen has impressed Coach Fox so early in the process.

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