Friday, May 8, 2009

Fox Brings in New Assistant

Stacey Palmore, assistant at Virginia Tech, has been lured to UGA to join the staff of Georgia basketball coach, Mark Fox.

Palmore was sought out by Fox, primarily because of Palmore's reputation as a recruiter. Here is the background on Palmore from the HokieSports site, and a little more from the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Could be a good pick-up for Coach Fox, but it does not seem to be a slam dunk. Palmore was almost certainly involved in recruiting Manny Atkins to Virginia Tech, and I assume that Palmore also recruited Terrell Bell. I've already posted on Terrell Bell (2 points and 2 rebounds per game). Manny Atkins hasn't played a game yet, but he was only given 3 stars by and Georgia didn't offer him. The only other player from Georgia on Tech's roster is Terrance Vinson, a guy who barely plays.

I'm not sure how Palmore helps UGA lock down the state. He doesn't sound like a world-beater recruiter. Being an optimist, however, I hope the guy comes in and helps deliver the top players for Georgia basketball.

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