Sunday, December 21, 2008

Swan-Zee! Swan-Zee! Swan-Zee!

Big Shot Bob:


Meet Big Shot Z!!

a. Kentucky video


b. Wofford audio

Coach shoulda' known better

Zac's shots are more impressive, in my opinion, because of the following:

a) Zac has shot his buzzer-beaters over two defenders;

b) Zac's shots have come in overtime;

c) Swansey actually has to dribble and advance the ball upcourt at full speed before shooting, whereas Horry normally catches the ball flat-footed and lines up a set-shot;

d) Zac increases the degree of difficulty by twisting his body into pretzels before launching.

Besides, Horry went to Bama, instead of choosing like Zac and all other sensible people to go to the best school in the SEC, our own University of Georgia!

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