Friday, December 19, 2008

Recruiting is a strange beast.

Dennis Felton recruited Tony Woods hard, as I understand. I remember something that led me to believe that Georgia backed off at the last minute. In any case, Woods ended up going to Wake.

While many lament the fact that Woods went to school out of state, the question remains as to whether he is as good as the pundits have predicted. Could he have given Georgia 10 points and 7 rebounds on this year's team? I don't know.

For example, Woods played in tonight's contest against the Richmond Spiders. He had 0 points and 1 rebound. In the meantime, he had three personal fouls. I don't doubt that Woods will put it together at some point. But if a guy is a 5-star and is supposed to be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft next year, it seems that he should score at least a bucket in every game played.

He'll probably respond to this post (not that he would read it, mind you) with a 50-point outburst in his next game.

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